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So you wanna be a Lash Boss Babe?...here's 5 Tips how...

Tweezer Magic...

So you were told that doing #eyelashextensions was a great way to make some cash money!? Well it is - its a great #business to set up on your own or with a business partner (s) and the fact that you can make women feel #beautiful and #confident is one of the hugest perks of the business.

Ok so lets push all the candy floss stuff aside - being a Lash Artist is not easy. It takes passion, dedication, patience and hard work then repeat - to break into gaining this artistic skill - because it is an Art afterall.

Here are my 5 Top Tips on starting out in the Lash game...

1. Practical Training - this is the first most important step! Now the challenge will be to find the best training provider. Now we all like to save a bit of cash here and there but do not let lower prices dictate your choices or you may find yourself feeling short-changed. Best thing to do is join a Facebook Eyelash Extention Group - you can join as much as you want but make sure you target the groups with the high number of members so you can reach a wider group of people. Post questions asking advice on the best training providers in your area. I would also suggest finding a training provider who also offer 1:1 training so you can really get that focused attention.

2. Practice makes Perfect - it sure does! So once you do your practical you will either wonder why you ever wanted to get into Lashes and ditch the business idea to the curb or you may love it, can'get enough of it and want to eat, sleep and breath Lashes.....or anything in between! If you are steering towards the latter then you will now realise that its a very intricate and delicate treatment and PRACTICE is key to improving your skill and gaining more confidence. You can invest in a practice head and work on perfecting those lashes or if funds are a bit tight then buy some cheapy falsies and stick them down on some paper and practice away!-

3. Location, Location, Location - Hmmm yes this is probably one of the challenges in Lashing! So where do you work from? Well many work from home, transforming a room, a hallway, a garage - whereever they can find a space - into their lash beauty room...or space....or whatever! If you are not keen on working from home, you can be mobile and visit clients in their homes. You could work in a salon but most reputable salons want you to have at least a years experience. If your work is good enough you will have more of a chance of them taking you on based on that (and your fabulous personality of course!).

The A-Team...

4. Lashing Tools....and stuff - Yep! you will need quite a bit of stuff but the most important are your Lash tools. The A-Team of all your stuff. This is not an exhaustive list by any means: Tweezers, Tape (micropore), Scissors, Mascara brushes, Saline Solution (or water), Head nets, Face masks, Adhesive, Lashes (mixed trays to start with - C & D curls are the most popular), Sealant, Adhesive remover, Cotton buds, Cotton pads, Tissues, Under eyepads, Lipgloss wands....

5. Keep on your game - never take your eyes off for a minute! This is an ever-evolving industry so make sure you are part of the pulse. As I mentioned earlier, join as many Facebook groups, Instagram is key for a Lash Artist. Try and go to Lash events and competitions, join up to newsletters etc to keep up to date with everything to do with Lashes. And last but not least, always keep mastering your skill by training with the best Lash Trainers. You will find them on your journey. It's an investment in your Art.

Good luck! Hope this has helped? Share your thoughts with me below - always happy to hear from you.

Kelly x

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