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Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Brows. Who does not like a full, fluffy, defined #brow? And what better way to represent this but the ever-growing Million pound Brow Industry! £20 Million (and counting) to be precise.

Brows have come a long way over the years - from the pencil thin arched brow of the 80's to the bold, full insta-brow as of late. Brows are truly forever evolving from trend to trend and we can not get enough! Brows play a pivotol role in the overall finish of our face and whereas some lucky individuals were born into this world blessed with a full brow, the rest of us have struggled for our brow 'forever after' dream. But its not all doom and gloom - with the market saturated with a bountiful of different products to give you a temporary solution to sparse, thin or gappy brows - you really can not go wrong.

But of course, we all want something more permanent to save us time in the morning - so of course, the industry listened and introduced #microblading to solve all our brow woes.

Microblading treatment being performed on client.

So whats the deal with Microblading?

Well Microblading is a form of tattooing whereby tiny incisions are made onto the skin then pigment is applied to the area to create the illusions of hair strokes. The treatment can last up to 1 year (or longer in some cases) and within that time you need to return for touch-ups. Sounds great right? And it is a great treatment when it is carried out by a fully trained and experienced professional. To be honest - when I first heard about Microblading I did not like the finished look at all as it just looked like lines and nothing about it was natural looking. It was only until I saw a well sought-after Microblading Artist's work that really changed my opinion and she inspired me. Her work is seamless and natural - like seriously her work is fabulous! I decided that if I could be trained to that standard and my work looked just as good and ultimately my clients would leave looking and feeling gorgeous - then I would definitely do it!

Even though I still felt that the majority of the work I saw looked like 'lines' (see image below) I wanted to make sure that I did not offer the treatment until I was satisfied with the results I could produce - no matter how long it took or how much money I spent on mastering the skill.


So why did I change my mind...again?

Well my Microblading goals all changed one day when I listened to a podcast about the long-term effects of Microblading. The guest speaker, a former Microblading Artist discussed in depth the after effects of microblading to the eyebrow area. She spoke about skin and follicular damage, the continuous scarring after years and years of having the treatment and also discolouration. Lets be real - this is a form of tattooing and tiny cuts are being made to the skin, year after year.....after year!

It was very thought-provoking and enough for me to make a decision (literally on the spot) to concentrate on my main focus of brow restoration and also to keep my integrity intact. I knew it was something I could not go forward with as she made me question the treatment and the lack of information on the long term effects of the treatment.

In conclusion, if you decide to have this treatment done it is of paramount importance that you choose a qualified and well experienced Artist and to also consider any of the possible long-term effects that I mentioned above. I do think that it is a great treatment for individuals who have very little to no eyebrows due to health or other reasons but probably only as a last resort.

Have you had microblading done? Please share your experience and thoughts below - always happy to hear from you!

Until the next time. Take care.

Kelly x

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