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Honey...You Gotta Wash Your Lashes!

There are a few fundamentals when wearing lashes, apart from making sure you slay all day every day with your gorgeous lashes you also need to make sure you take good care of them too. A lot of ladies think that avoiding washing or even water touching those precious fluffs will mean that they somehow last longer...


#Washing and taking care of your #lashes actually help with #retention and saves you time at your lash appointment (so more lashing time!) - not to mention it keeps your Lash Technician super happy. If you wear make-up (err I am not talking about mascara because we know mascara is a no-no right??) then you would need to really make sure to take the time to clean your lashes and eye area to avoid any build-up of gunk around your lashes.

Here is a video courtesy of @azlashlady and she explains several ways of how to cleanse your lashes.

Do you want to know what happens if you do not regularly clean your lashes and any build up of gunk? Well your hair follicles can become blocked which may lead to infection. The natural sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells basically form together as it has not been cleaned away. This infection is called Blepharitis and is similar to dandruff but on your lashes. In this case you will need to visit your doctor once you have had your lashes removed by your Lash Technician so they can be properly treated.

Blepharitis on Lash Extensions as a result of not cleaning them. Photo courtesy of Lash Tribe.

So to sum it all up - caring for your Eyelash Extensions is key to having great, healthy lashes that both you and your Lash Technician can be proud of. You can buy any of the cleaning tools mentioned in the video above either from Amazon and/or Ebay. Better still - your Lash Tech should have a good range of lash shampoos and brushes to retail to you.

What is your #eyelashextension care routine? What do you use? or did you not know the importance of cleaning your lashes? Let me know below - always happy to hear from you!

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